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[Drives race] .
 Goes north
Under the Zhongshan high under -> Jianguobeilu viaduct -> Minshengdonglu fellatio flow channel -> to go straight to Changchun road right-turn -> Linsenbeilu turns right.
Going south  
Under the Zhongshan high under -> Jianguobeilu viaduct -> Changandonglu fellatio flow channel -> goes straight to Changchun road counterclockwise -> Linsenbeilu turns right

  Ginza Hotel is 2 minutes walk from bus stops:
  on Linsen N. Rd.: 208、211、246

  on Nanjin E. Rd.: 292、306、5、12、26、52、46、622、652、282、266、288、 306、604、605、622、307 

  Ginza Hotel is 5 minutes drive from Taipei Train Station and 5 minutes walk from MRT Stations of Zhongshan MRT Station(Green Line) and    Shuanglien MRT Station(Green Line) on Tamsui Line

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Ginza Hotel is within 12 minutes drive to Songshan Airport and 40 minutes drive to Taoyuan International Airport.

We are just 10 minutes walk distance away from famed shopping area s of ShinShin Department Store, Sincere, Idee Department Store and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store. Da-an Park is also 10 minutes walk away.

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